AQUAHELP Foundation

AQUAHELP FOUNDATION is an Environmental Educational & Activity foundation.

AQUAHELP Foundation

Legally based in USA from 2020 , it was created with the support of AQUA Yacht Club with big dreams, technical background in modern practices at ecology and plans about actions that will help people , organizations & companies to support active & effective the Planet & the communities.

Ecological teams & volunteers ,people in communities with real needs, they will always find us next to them to offer them real help and hope.

The needs of the Planet are our top priority and we are organizing and planning a range of actions to help and protect the environment.

Our hope is to inspire with our strategy a strong range of supporters in our actions, companies, organizations and physical people that share the same vision with us.

It is time to put our priorities in the correct line.

Planet Earth and the future members of our world will never forgive us if we continue to destroy the healthy balance everywhere around us.

Lets be all together and make a big turn NOW.

‘Clean it Like Greek’ program is a dream coming true.

We have a dream to make Greece the cleanest country in the world! This little part of the world is famous for its beautiful spots, endless history and welcoming residents. Embrace our colourful dream and drive your energy towards positive change!

We are organizing actions in areas which require our attention. We are cleaning beaches, mountains and forests. We are working towards engaging, encouraging and training children, young people and small societies to care and protect the environment in an efficient and fun way.

We love planet Earth and we want to continue to create the necessary conditions which will allow us to inhabit it in a safe and enjoyable way. Let’s try to protect and care for our home place, be respectful of our ecosystem, protect the animals and appreciate all the gifts given to us by Mother Nature.

Become part of our family, the Ecoteam

Are you an active ecological team or local organization physically ready to help in the care of the planet by taking action?

Are you temporary out of money to support your local ecological activities?

Nothing to worry about, we can join forces in this project. Send us your needs and we will provide you FREE equipment, such as trash bags, work gloves, etc. to enable you to care for the Earth the way you have imagined. Dream nice and big and join us!

Aquahelp offers hundreds of trash bags, to kids, adults & senior citizens who wants to support our actions by cleaning the Planet. 

They may seem small but local actions do have a wider impact and a great role in helping others develop a more ecological conscience. We are working together to take care of our home… Earth


Beaches Cleaned

Join AquaHelp Family and Get Involved to Protect our Home While Also Having Fun

Ecology should be fun. Our ‘Fun Cleaning Day’ is a new program designed to bring out the fun side of ecological activities. Why stay at home when you can spend a day with likeminded people, make new friends and family bonding? The protection of our planet has many steps. While some of them can be more difficult or tiring than others, this is no reason not to have a good time while doing them. Join our Fun Cleaning Day and we can promise you that you will instantly feel like one of us. 

Our new ‘Fun Cleaning Day’ project is addressed especially though not exclusively- to the younger generation aiming to teach them about modern ecology and engage them into practical, enjoyable activities. Our goal is to inspire people to do more in their everyday life by showing all the advantages that volunteering can bring them. Having a few laughs and doing good? That’s us!

Let’s make a habit out of protecting our environment!

Support Us Now

Grey is the new Green

At Aquahelp Foundation we value everyone who wants to make a change. All our active senior ecoHEROES have a special place in our plans.

We need your energy, your ideas, your critical thinking. You are precious to us in our struggle for a healthier ecosystem and age-friendly environments.

‘Grey is the new Green’ includes activities specifically customised for retired people.


Our Team

George Korfias

Foundation President and AQH Co-Founder

Harry Pavlidis

Foundation Vice President and AQH Co-Founder

Panos Delipamidis

AQH Co-Founder and Head of Developing team

Akathisti Vekri

Head of Marketing & PR Expert for ESG & Digital-innovation Growth. Certified professional for Sustainable Development

Mary Foti

Head of Communication --Journalist - Editor in Chef at Dimokratiki Newspaper


Those are the companies, institutions, ministries and organizations that share the same dreams and values with us for a more hospitable Earth for all!

Because all for all we can do more!