It is time to put our priorities in the correct line.


Planet Earth and the future members of our world will never forgive us if we continue to destroy the healthy balance everywhere around us.


Here you will find our roadmap.

We have prepared an initial plan with our milestones but our goal is to speed things up as much as possible, without of course compromising security issues.

Have a look stay tuned for possible changes in times as we go forward.


Following the way economy evolves worldwide along with the fact that more and more people are awakening daily in nature’s call for a sustainable way of life made us realize that the already existing project of Aqua Help Foundation can help reach our goals for helping as many people as possible around the world and of course make Earth clean again.

Aquahelp Foundation

AQUAHELP FOUNDATION is an Environmental Educational & Activity foundation.

Legally based in USA from 2020 , is created with the support of AQUA Yacht Club with big dreams, technical background in modern practices at ecology and plans about actions that will help people , organisations & companies to support active & effective the Planet & the communities.

How Aquahelp Token Works

Starting from our home country, Greece, our ultimate goal is to create a global network that will be able to immediately take action in any kind of environmental need and of course to be able to support the ones in need in every community around the world.

Our dream is to extinct images of pollution, hunger and human and animal suffering forever.

With your help we are going to have an impact on the way charity works worldwide.

It is time to put our priorities in the correct line.

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Aquahelp Token

By investing on AQH you add value in the donations made to the charities and to the actions of Aqua Help worldwide.

This way you become an Aqua Hero helping us promote how us humans can coexist in harmony with all other species and the environment in our unique planet!

DISCLAIMER: Invest at your own risk, the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile.

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